Sushi Sandwiches

Sushi sandwiches

It's time to make lunchboxes fun again, while using up what's in the fridge.


  1. 2-4 slices of your fave Wonder bread
  2. 200g 'wet' filling (consider whole egg mayonnaise, creamed corn, mashed avocado or light cream cheese)
  3. 200g protein and veggies (consider sliced ham, shredded chicken, canned springwater tuna or salmon or shaved hard-boiled egg)
  4. 200g veggies (consider grated carrot, strips of cucumber or avocado, capsicum, iceberg lettuce)

(You'll also need a rolling pin or similar to help you craft this recipe)



  1. Place bread on a flat service. Using a rolling pin, flatten bread slightly.
  2. Spread your wet filling over the slices, leaving a 1.5cm strip free of filling along 1 edge
  3. Top with other ingredients without over filling
  4. Roll up to enclose the fillings, and cut each sandwich into 3 rounds
  5. Pop sandwiches into a section of your bento lunch box, or wrap upright in beeswax wraps before packing into your child's lunchbox

(Sandwiches can be made ahead of time and stored overnight in a plastic container in your fridge)