Taco Sandwiches

Taco Sandwiches

Kids love a fun shaped sandwich, while parents love a quick lunch box hack that doesn't add extra minutes to the lunchbox routine.

These are an easy and quick way to change up the ordinary at lunchtime.



  1. 2-4 slices of your fave Wonder bread
  2. 200g of your fave sandwich filling. Some ideas include:
  • Egg + whole-egg mayonannise + lettuce
  • Springwater tuna + whole-egg mayonnaise + green capsicum
  • Turkey + cheese + apple slices
  • Ham + cheese + sweet relish

(You'll also need a large water glass or similar to help you craft this recipe)



  1. Using the glass, cut large circles out of your bread and gently remove the excess
  2. Using the glass as a rolling pin, slightly flatten the bread
  3. Add your fave fillings on top of the bread (be careful not to overfill so that your bread doesnt rip when folded)
  4. Gently fold the bread in half, to make half-moon tacos
  5. Enjoy