Wonder 5 Star Soft White Sliced Bread 680g

Wonder 5 Star Soft White Sliced Bread 680g

High fibre white sliced bread 3x More Fibre^ - An excellent source of fibre with 3X the fibre^ of regular white bread, to support good digestion. * Added Prebiotic - Added prebiotic resistant starch to support digestive health.
Aus Wheat Flour
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* Source Of Protein - Source of protein to support bone and muscle health. No Added Nasties - No added sugar, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Australian Wheat Flour - Made with Australian Wheat Flour. ^Wonder 5 Star Soft White contains 11. 6 g/100 g of fibre compared to 3. 2 g/100 g in White Bread (FSANZ (2022). AFCD-2. Canberra:FSANZ) * This delicious Wonder 5 Star Soft White loaf contains resistant starch, a prebiotic fibre that is known to promote and nourish friendly gut bacteria when part of a healthy balanced diet. One serve (2 slices) of Wonder 5 Star Soft White contains a minimum of 4g prebiotic fibre. Wonder 5 Star Soft White is an excellent source of fibre which supports good digestion by contributing to the benefit of being regular.
Health Star Rating: 5

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Modified Tapioca Starch (1413), Wheat Gluten, Wheat Fibre, Canola Oil, Vinegar, Iodised Salt, Yeast, Cultured Wheat Flour, Soy Flour, Vegetable Emulsifiers (471, 472e, 481), Vitamins (Thiamin, Folic Acid), Processing Aids (Wheat)

Contains Soy, Wheat, Gluten. Made on a line that also produces Products containing Sesame.

Usage Instruction: Servings per Pack: 9.5 (17 slices and 2 crusts),

Made in Australia from at least 80% Australian ingredients.

Product Claims: Source of protein. Excellent source of fibre

Serving Size: 71g

Average Quantity per Serving
% Daily Intake (per serving)*
Average Quantity per 100g

Energy (kJ)

Average Quantity per Serving:660kJ
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:8%
Average Quantity per 100g:930kJ


Average Quantity per Serving:6.8g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:14%
Average Quantity per 100g:9.6g


Average Quantity per Serving:23.9g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:8%
Average Quantity per 100g:33.7g

- sugars

Average Quantity per Serving:1.8g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:2%
Average Quantity per 100g:2.5g

Fat, total

Average Quantity per Serving:1.8g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:3%
Average Quantity per 100g:2.5g

- saturated

Average Quantity per Serving:<1g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:4%
Average Quantity per 100g:<1g


Average Quantity per Serving:8.2g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:27%
Average Quantity per 100g:11.6g


Average Quantity per Serving:250mg
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:11%
Average Quantity per 100g:350mg
* Percentage Daily Intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. < means less than